The Evolution of the Retail “Normal”

The Evolution of the Retail “Normal”

I’m mesmerized by how quickly society has evolved and what is considered “normal.”  I’m sliding in to my fifties soon and find myself in awe at the continuous evolvement on every front; technology, auto, home, and education to only name a few.  Such an exciting to be...

How can a brand generate sales lift?

How can a brand generate sales lift?

Hint:  The answer is in the population trends! Marketing trends continuously evolve and every brand struggles with how to create the right strategy to target all the potential consumer segments and determine what would be the most effective for their brand. Many...


DTH is a Retail Marketing Agency that bridges the gap between brands and familias.


We collect and analyze everything to obtain measurable results.

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We’ve reached millions of U.S. Hispanics over the last 15 years.

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