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As Hispanic Retail Marketing experts, we focus on:

The Consumer

We are a powerful consumer group. Not only we account for almost half of the U.S. population growth, but our demographic is a young consumer¹ with $1.7 trillion purchasing power². To connect with the Hispanic market we hone in on their unique wants, needs, language preferences and trending conversations. 

¹ More than half of the U.S. Hispanic Population is under the age of 29.
² Source: Statista

Cost vs. Price

Loyalty has a cost to a brand and with Hispanics it’s not necessarily all about price. We look at things a little differently and reward a brand’s commitment to us by sharing information about brands we like and trust and most importantly opening the doors of engagement with our community. We value authenticity, respect, tradition and family values. Creating and maintaining Hispanic brand loyalty is an ongoing journey and we age we want our favorite brands to grow with us!  


The Internet has made a “physical place” less of a factor in our purchasing decisions because for us the Internet on our mobile phones is THE PLACE where we spend most of our time doing stuff.³ We are a super social people that  loves live interactions. Touching, trying, smelling what we’ll buy is something we definitely like and more than anything we love to share our opinions and recommendations to those closest to us!

³ Acording to eMarketer, Hispanic users spend nearly 10.5 hours per week using the internet on their smartphones, compared to the overall average of 8.4 hours.


Whether in English or español, via Social Media, Radio, TV, an influencer or a retail brand experience; we love interacting with brands and appreciate when they make an effort to connect with us in a relevant way. We love our Hispanic culture and value our lives living in the U.S.  We understand the importance of family, values, working hard and effortlessly navigate both worlds. Did you know that Hispanic millennials are more likely to interact with brands on social media?

Let’s Collaborate

Have a specific project in mind? A challenge that needs to be addressed? Have questions about Hispanic Retail Marketing?
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