Several weeks ago, to our surprise and excitement, DirecToHispanic was notified that we were selected as a finalist for the Online Advertising Creativity category, Facebook Video subcategory. The minute we were selected my team and I felt like winners! On Monday September 23, 2019 we had the privilege of attending the Online Marketing Media and Advertising (OMMA) Awards in NYC. We were up against some strong competition from agencies much larger than ours so it was an honor that industry peers evaluated and selected our work.

The entire experience from creating the submission to attending the award ceremony was a huge learning and growth opportunity for our team. Smaller agencies often have limited resources and operate on a much different scale than larger agencies or those that are part of a conglomerate. Although we didn’t win, this time, we admired the winners selected and felt challenged to keep entering our work for consideration in future industry awards. As a much smaller agency than some that attended like Critical Mass, Starcom and Publicis we felt empowered by the freedom and creativity that comes with being a smaller boutique agency. Yes, we have to work even harder and dig deeper to find inspiration for the brands we work with but it’s incredibly rewarding!

The work we submitted was created on behalf of Juanita’s Foods. This brand is privately held and has a rich seventy-three year history deeply rooted in family, tradition, authentic Mexican foods and most importantly keeping important Hispanic traditions alive for future generations. All agencies face challenges in finding the “big” idea in the creative process so we feel blessed to work with this client that provides so much inspiration when going through the creative process.

As our industry continues to evolve it’s more important that ever to really face the challenge of how we interact and do business with our clients. As a small business owner I enjoy the challenge of not only serving our clients in a creative promotional capacity but also really having the opportunity to dive deeper and help fill very specific voids and collaborate to find tangible solutions to their problems. So after attending the OMMA awards my team is more motivated than ever to tap into inspiration and creativity and being more adaptive and reflective of our clients needs. We are committed to tapping into every team member’s human ingenuity to become stronger storytellers and inspire each other to more creative ideas!

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