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Mazola is one of the world’s leading food brands with an extensive offering of products including oils, cooking sprays and boulions.  They enjoy solid market share and a high level of brand recognition among almost all consumers. The brand recognizes the importance and the buying power of the growing U.S. Hispanic and Latin American consumer segment and  has enjoyed brand loyalty among these groups for decades. As new oil brands and products are introduced in the U.S market its created increased competition among their loyal customers. In addition, the challenge is also to respond to the increased focus on health issues and healthy living.  


Over the years we have activated a variety of programs focusing on  a heart healthy message directed at Hispanic consumers while showing them practical cooking tips and small changes they can make to be more heart healthy.  Recently we launched a muti-state, multi vehicle mobile tour promotion that visits retail store-fronts where brand teams prepared traditional recipes substituting Mazola Corn oil and educating consumers.   Along with distributing recipes, coupons and great tasting samples we created a redemption program rewarding consumers for purchasing Mazola products.


By the end of 2019 we will complete over 415 mobile tour stops in four states!  Retailers and consumers are enjoying the brand interaction and appreciate the one on one connection to the brand.   

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