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Below are the links to the videos in their entirety:

Tipsy Woman

Tipsy Man

Don’t Forget Juanita

Help from a Friend

Fuego Campfire

Busy Mom

Kitchen Secret

Team Emergency

LA Love


Fuego Spin

Pozole Four Can Game

Menudo Starter

Juanita’s, the #1 maker of menudo in the U.S., challenged us to drive awareness and support launch of two new products in key markets. The products have homemade flavors due to the unique manufacturing process of cooking in individual cans versus a kettle and then canning. Our goal was to communicate authentic homemade flavors, convenience and simplicity in keeping important Mexican culinary traditions.

This client does not buy TV so we took to social media to generate awareness by creating fun engaging content that our target consumer, U.S. Hispanics, would find entertaining. We achieved a reach of 3.3M and generated 12.1M impressions with a series of videos that included storylines with product placement. The overall campaign included many videos but we are providing a selection with the best engagement rates.

Several of the videos focused on the time saving alternative to making homemade menudo by featuring Juanita’s new product called Menudo Starter. Juanita herself came to life in several videos, which was the first time the brand allowed an agency to go in this creative direction. Our goal was to begin to give her a face and personality as we create a voice for the brand over the next few years.

Several videos were more lighthearted and fun like the one titled “Don’t Forget Juanita” where the man was supposed to pick up his niece with the same name yet forgot her and instead brings home the cans of Juanita’s. In “LA Love” video we see a young man planning ahead to keep his girl warm as they enjoy a romantic evening overlooking the LA skyline. Tipsy Man and Tipsy Woman videos has some fun with well-known fact that menudo is the ultimate hangover cure!

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